Gaining access

You can access the NEWS and VIEWS features by simply clicking on the main Menu buttons. News is searchable directly from these pages.

To use the Save your Search feature of Advanced Searches (when you return to BioSectorPress and want to run the same search) you will need to Login so that we know that it is you who wishes to re-use it.

NEWS articles can also be Bookmarked and Bookmarks can be saved. Again you need to Login so that you can access the Bookmark features.

To Login you will be given the option of using a social media login (linkedIn, Twitter or Google+) or to create a local SectorPress account; we do not retain any personal information from your social media login.

The News Page

The News page listing shows a list of news headlines together with their source and publication date.

PLEASE NOTE - For some articles, their providers require a subscription for access to the full article. These are highlight these with a £ sign.

A simple click on the white downward pointing arrow reveals more information on the story. There’s also a ‘Read more’ link which will take you to the full article on the source‚Äôs website.

If you have logged in, there also options to bookmark, rate or mark the article as not read.

If you are logged in the options provided are:-

click to bookmark the article, click again to remove the bookmark
click to rate as "Not Interesting"
click to rate as "Interesting"
Mark the article as "Not Read"


We use any ratings you provide to continuously evaluate the value of the News Sources that we use, allowing us to provide you with the most relevant and interesting news stories.

Searching through the news

Classifications are provided to let you limit your searches to particular areas of interest.

Click the classifications button, and select the classifications to limit your searches.

To find specific articles, simply type words of interest into the search box and click the Search button. The search results listed are articles containing any of the words you entered, in order of relevance and date.

More control can be applied to the way the searches are performed using the "Advanced search dialog" (see below).


You have to login to use bookmarks.

You can use bookmarks simply to mark articles for later review; click Show Bookmarks to show all of your bookmarked articles.

Tick Show All News to revert to the full or searched articles list.

Each of your bookmarks are remembered until the associated article is moved to our archives after 30 days.

You can also save bookmarks as different named sets using the Manage Bookmarks dialog (see below).

Advanced Searches

Click Advanced to access the advanced search features. Some of the features are not available unless you have logged in.

If you have not logged in, the dialog appears as shown.

The following may be used to define your search criteria:-

If you have logged in, the dialog appears as shown, providing the following additional search features:

You can save searches for repeated use. If you make changes to the "Ad Hoc Search" you will see a button allowing you to Save the Search under a different name. Click this to name and save the search.

Saved searches can be re-used by picking from the drop-down list. If you then make changes to the named search, click the Save button to save your changes.

To remove an unwanted search, pick the search for the list and click the Delete button. The "Ad Hoc Search" cannot be deleted and is never saved.

Manage Bookmarks

"My Bookmarks" is the default working set when you have logged in.

To create another bookmark set:

Any articles that you bookmark will be added to the current working set.

To add articles to an existing bookmark set:

Any bookmark set can be emptied in this dialog;

Any bookmark set can be deleted in this dialog, with the exception of the "My Bookmarks" set.

You can switch between different sets of bookmarks by selecting from the drop-down list. The article list always shows the bookmark set you are working with, and adding or removing bookmarks on the article list only affects your current bookmark set.

Still stuck?

Contact us for help, or fill in our feedback form to let us know how we could improve!