This website is the first to be released by Sector Press Ltd and designed for the benefit of people working in or servicing the Biotech, Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical markets.

It provides a single place to find industry-specific stories from over 200 sources, plus a number of commentary articles by industry insiders and people involved in Sector Press.

"Save time & energy"

There is a Roadmap under development to add additional content and features and we hope that users of the website will contribute ideas for inclusion.

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About Catalysts Ltd

We are an information company focused on delivering information and services to people working in various industries who will launch websites for each industry focused on providing the information those people need to support their working lives.

The Bio Sector Press division was founded in 2014 as a result of conversations between a group of people talking about what they did at work and how it might be improved. Two were the Chairman and Managing Director of Catalysts Ltd, the third was a veteran of the Pharmaceutical industry now working as a consultant to a number of Biotech businesses and the fourth has been involved in product safety Standards for many years.

Catalysts Ltd has been designing and building publishing systems for 25 years and was looking for some form of diversification. The Biotech consultant was concerned that the news services for the Pharma market were too expensive for many in Biotech and the product safety Standards proponent was convinced that both manufacturers and the general public need a service different from that provided by the national and international standards organisations.